Junction City Family YMCA offers an indoor heated pool.  Our swimming pool is one of the Y's marquee features.  We offer many aquatic classes throughout the day and recreational time for the family

Let the warm water pool relax your muscles, while enjoying the benefits of increasing your joints' range of motion.  Focus on improving your balance, strength, and energy levels in a relaxing and warm environment.  Our water fitness program uses the buoyant qualities of water to enhance physical fitness through exercise. Our classes involve movements in the water which combine the elements of strength training, cardio and flexibility and the use of equipment to enhance the water fitness experience.  They provide cardiovascular conditioning, improved muscle tone and improved balance.  These are total body workouts without the stress of land-based exercise.  You will burn fat while having fun with easy moves that will shape and sculpt you a whole new body!!  Non swimmers welcome!!  Water fitness is a fun, easy way to get fit for life.
There's no better place to unwind, enjoy your kids, and have fun in the water.  Any time we have a lifeguard on duty, let your kids show you their latest skills!

Water Fitness

Open Swim for Kids & Families