Lifeguard Training ARC (American Red Cross) Lifeguard Training Class


This class includes CPR for the Professional Rescuer & AED & First Aid. This is a 25-32 hour course.  You must be 15 by the last day of the class.  You must be able to swim as this is not a swim lesson.  



Important Information:

Pre-registration is required for all classes.  


For the full Lifeguard classes, a $20 pretest fee is due on the day you choose for your preswim.  Preswims are highlighted for each class session.  If you pass the preswim, you will pay the remainder of the fee due on the next class date.


Preswim requirements:  

·  Swim 300 meters continuously in the following order:  100 meter front crawl (must have rhythmic breathing and correct kick), 100 meter breast stroke (must have correct breast stroke kick), 100 meters front crawl or breast stroke.  Swim is not timed.

·   Swim front crawl or breast stroke approach (approach means head out of water) 20 meters, do a feet first or head first surface dive to a depth of 7-10 ft., retrieve a 10 lb. brick, surface, and return 20 meters on back with both hands on brick and exit pool without using stairs or ladder.  Must be out of the water in 1min 40sec.  Head can not go under water. 

·   Tread water for 2 minutes using legs only


100 % participation is required.  You cannot miss any class time, no exceptions.

Re-certification Classes

Cost:  $110


2018 Class dates:


April 14:  8a-10p

May 6:  8a-10p



Pre-registration is required with a $50 deposit. 

10 participants will be accepted in each class.

Lifeguard Classes

Cost:  $210


2018 Class dates:  



Preswim dates:  April 24 OR 25:  anytime

                                       between 6p-7p

April 28 & 29:  8a-7p

May 1 & 2:  6p-10p




Preswim dates:  May 8 OR 9:  anytime

                                       between 6p-7p

May 12 & 13:  8a-5p

May 14:  4p-10p

May 15 & 16:  6p-10p




Preswim dates:  May 23 OR 24:  anytime

                                       between 6p-7p

May 29 & 30:  6p-10p

May 31 & June 1:  8a-7p



Participants will be given a 1 hour lunch break during the full day classes.